About Us

Global Perm NW was founded by members of Northwest Permanente, the physician group affiliated with Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Southwest Washington. They were inspired by the compassion, sense of purpose, and joyfulness of those who strive to improve health for underserved communities at home and abroad.

GPNW Our Mission

Our Mission

Global Perm NW harnesses the talents and humanitarian passions of healthcare workers to:

  • Provide expertise and other resources to healthcare systems in under-resourced settings around the world.
  • Support teaching, training and capacity-building to improve healthcare services in order to build resilient health systems.
  • Nurture a culture of service, compassion and global citizenship.
GPNW Our Values

Our Values

  • The ethical practice of global health
  • Cultural humility
  • Health equity
  • Interdisciplinary learning and problem solving
  • Sustainable partnerships, processes and practices
  • Community-building amongst global health providers
GPNW Our Work

Our Work

We develop partnerships with carefully selected healthcare institutions in underserved countries and regions. We work with these partners to identify areas in which our volunteers can have a sustained impact through teaching or training.  We identify projects in which a small amount of funding can have a multiplying effect.  Our board has extensive global health experience and expertise that guides our work.

Global Perm NW Provides Support
Global Perm NW provides support for education, training, direct medical care, research, and community outreach with priority given to efforts that demonstrate effectiveness, capacity-building, and sustainability.
Global Perm NW cultivates cross cultural exchange

Global Perm NW cultivates cross-cultural exchange and supports bidirectional educational opportunities.

Global Perm NW builds and sustains effective and ethical healthcare partnerships

Global Perm NW builds and sustains effective and ethical healthcare partnerships to grow relationships, resources and local expertise.

Get to Know Our Board

Global Perm NW - Ellen Singer, MD.

LARA HALL, MD. Dr. Hall is an urgent care physician at Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Oregon and has worked in clinical medicine, public health, teaching, and global health for more than two decades, focusing on maternal and child health, HIV, tuberculosis, and malnutrition. In addition to her work as a physician in the United States, Lara has worked with Ministries of Health in Haiti, Madagascar and the Republic of Congo to strengthen public health systems at the hospital, health center and community levels. Most recently, she was the HIV-AIDS and Tuberculosis Program Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Haiti. Prior to her work in Haiti, she worked in rural Madagascar as the Medical Director of the health systems strengthening NGO Pivot, for whom she continues to provide clinical support and technical guidance as the Pivot Board Clinical Committee Chair.

Global Perm NW - Ellen Singer, MD.

ALEXIA HALEN. Alexia is a licensed clinical social worker with over 17 years of experience in non-profit development and consultation. She has worked in both international and local settings, including Tanzania and Nepal, where she was involved in economic development, healthcare, and education projects. Alexia has provided consultation to local nonprofits with a focus on youth mental health, environmental conservation, and human trafficking. She has also managed successful campaigns for former Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman and the Portland Children’s Levy. In her most recent role, Alexia served as the Director of Development for Marylhurst University.  

Global Perm NW - James HuntziCker, Ph.D.

JAMES HUNTZICKER, Ph.D. Dr. Huntzicker is a professor at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in the Division of Management where he has held numerous leadership positions. He teaches in the areas of health systems and policy, leadership and management, and quality and patient safety. Jim has an active collaboration with colleagues in Africa to promote health system quality improvement, leadership development and scholarship.

Global Perm NW - Ellen Singer, MD.

LAUREN MUTRIE, MD is a hospital pediatrician with a focus on clinical medicine, teaching in public and academic forums, and social justice work.  Her career has centered on advocacy for children who suffer the inequities of poverty. Lauren is currently a pediatric hospitalist for Northwest Permanente and OHSU at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and is also the Medical Co-Director of the Doernbecher Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP). MLPs focus on addressing and preventing health-harming social and legal problems through strong collaborative partnerships between physicians and lawyers. Her love of interdisciplinary, international collaboration and teaching is tied to this work.  

 Global health has been foundational to Lauren’s practice of medicine.  She studied and practiced medicine in the United Kingdom as well as in remote villages in Uganda, India, Lesotho, and Swaziland with a clinical focus on helminth infections, HIV/AIDS, TB, and malnutrition in these countries. Her time abroad provided important perspective about core principals of global medicine, namely respect of cultural diversity, diplomacy, health justice, professional equity and bi-directionality, environmental stewardship, and community-driven initiatives. She believes we have powerful advocacy abilities as healers in collaboration with patients, families, communities, and other professions across the globe.  

Global Perm NW - Rahel Nardos, MD, MCR.

RAHEL NARDOS, MD, MCR. Dr. Nardos is a urogynecologist with a career-long passion for global health. She began by serving for a year as a staff surgeon at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital, treating women in Ethiopia suffering from obstetrical fistulas and other pelvic floor conditions. Dr. Nardos went on to found Footsteps to Healing, a global women’s health initiative focused on providing surgical and medical services to rural Ethiopian women with pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. This project has evolved into supporting healthcare capacity-building initiatives involving multidisciplinary teams from academic, NGO and community partners in Ethiopia and the U.S. She helped to establish the first formal fellowship program in Ethiopia to comprehensively train Ethiopian doctors to perform advanced pelvic surgery.

Rahel is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota in the Division of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, and is the Director of Global Woman’s Health within the Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility. She served for years on the board of the Worldwide Fistula Fund, and has served as the Chair of Global Health Interest Group at the American Urogynecologic Society. Her scholarly work includes women’s health research projects in Ethiopia, Uganda, and the U.S.

AMELITA (AMI) PASCUAL is the Regional Director of Philanthropy at Mercy Housing California, an affordable housing developer.

She previously served as Chief Operating Officer and Management Services Officer III at the University of California–San Francisco’s Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology where she oversaw facilities expansion, budget analysis, grants management and faculty recruitment for 14 principal investigators and 160 postdoctoral students.

Ami was the Founding Executive Director of the South of Market (SoMa) Foundation in San Francisco, an economic development nonprofit offering working capital and a space locator service for small businesses displaced by rising rents. She operated a sidewalk steam cleaning and mural production social enterprise, SoMa Steam Clean, which employed formerly homeless youth and adults.

Global Perm NW - David Schmidt, MD, Ph.D.

DAVID SCHMIDT, MD, Ph.D.  Dr. Schmidt is a pulmonary and critical care medicine physician who held leadership positions in intensive care medicine and in medical education at Kaiser Permanente prior to his retirement. He has a long personal interest in global health, and has participated in medical care and research in Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Dave and his team of nurses and physicians collaborated with partners at an ICU in Northern Ethiopia to improve the quality of care with an emphasis on nurse training.  Currently this team is developing a comprehensive curriculum for training African nurses in critical care and are helping to create critical care services at a hospital in Rwanda.  

Global Perm NW - Ellen Singer, MD.

ELLEN SINGER, MD. Dr. Singer provides primary care for both adults and children at Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Oregon. Ellen cares deeply about the well-being of her patients, her colleagues and her community — with special concern for the marginalized. She has held numerous leadership positions at Kaiser and in community organizations. She stepped down from a role as the Director for Graduate and Undergraduate Medical Education and continues to serves as the Medical Director of the Foundation for Medical Excellence.

Our Partners

Global health works best when it is done in partnership.
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