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Our goal is to stimulate and facilitate participation in global health work, with an emphasis on engaging the people of Kaiser Permanente Northwest and their partners.

Some first steps to take if you are considering getting involved:

  1. Read and learn. Our Global Health Resources page provides some ideas on where to start your learning about global health.
  2. Think about what skills and resources you can offer. Do you have clinical knowledge or procedural skills that you could teach to others? Do you have leadership or administrative skills? Do you have research or analytical skills? Do you have a passion for advocacy? Do you have office tech or communication skills? Do you like to organize events and bring people together?

If you are interested in volunteering internationally, the next steps can be hard to figure out. We can help with advice. We can put you in contact with others who have done this kind of work. We can make recommendations for international placement organizations. Global Perm NW has a long-term partnership with a healthcare organization in Rwanda where we are placing volunteers. Our physical presence in Ethiopia is on hold until the situation there stabilizes, but we remain in partnership and will return in the future. We are also investigating other international partnerships.

Maybe you can’t travel internationally to do global health work in person. During the COVID-19 years we have learned that plenty of aspects of global health work can be done remotely, so consider that.  Closer to home, we have developed a partnership with Portland Street Medicine to create an innovative program.

Thanks to the support of our donors, we are able to offer financial support for selected small- to medium-sized projects. Our funding decisions will prioritize projects that help to build long-term health care delivery capacity and partnerships, reflect the values of Global Perm NW, and help to build a community of global health professionals. Funding is currently limited to projects that include participation by people from Kaiser Permanente Northwest and their partners.

Even if you don’t see yourself volunteering anytime soon, please consider joining our growing network of individuals who care about global health and add yourself to our contact list.

To express your interest in volunteering, please fill in the form below.


Some Current Volunteer Opportunies:

  • Short-term positions teaching medical students at the University of Global Health Equity in Rwanda.
  • Training nurses in critical care skills in Rwanda and helping to operationalize critical care services
  • Volunteer with Portland Street Medicine to assist in providing medical care for people without housing.
  • Program-building for new projects in the Portland area similar to our work with Portland Street Medicine

Or share your skills in these areas:

  • Website work (WordPress, Divi))
  • Organizing events
  • Communication
  • Create a short video to tell our global health stories
  • Non-profit organizational work


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