May 2024

Our 3-year partnership with Portland Street Medicine has impacted the well-being of many unhoused people in Portland.  It has laid the foundation for a new and novel Community Health Program to provide health education for self-care. Tools created in Portland are being shared with other cities around the country.  READ MORE ➜

March 2024

Our dedicated friends and colleagues in Ethiopia are working to rebuild women’s healthcare after a war in which women suffered so much. Support provided by Global Perm NW helped more than 11,000 women and their families in just one year, and is helping a hospital to recover its capacity to provide care in the future. READ MORE ➜

October 2023

In this newsletter we introduce our two projects in Rwanda:

1. Supplying physicians to teach student doctors at the innovative University for Global Health Equity.

2. Assisting a rural hospital to introduce new services for their sickest patients. READ MORE ➜

June 2023

In this newsletter we share updates on the Recovery Through Outreach program to rebuild maternal health services in Ethiopia, and describe our involvement in an innovative project to improve health among unhoused individuals through education and training. READ MORE ➜